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Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Warrior of Sonargaon

The ancient east Bongo’s (East Bengal) capital was Sonargaon (golden city). It’s located near Dhaka, at the bank of Meghna river, of Bangladesh. At the fifteen century, the ruler of Sonargaon was the main of twelve land lords, Isha Kha. He was Independent king of Bengal. Great Mughal emperor Akbar sent an order to Isha Kha to join with him and rule under his(great Akbar) command. but as an independent king he declined to become subordinated and refused to grant that order. Then great Akbar sent his chief general Mansingh from Delhi to occupy Bengal. Great Mughal army were about to face Isha Kha’s army at Sonargaon. Then Isha kha proposed Mansingh not to waste many people life but to have a dual between them (Isha Kha and Mansingh) and the winner of the dual will be treated as the winner of the battle. Mughal general accepted this proposal. In front of thousand soldiers these two hero stood against each other and the fight started. After a long term of fighting, one time by a very dangerous attack of Isha Kha, the sword of Mansingh broke into peace. By the rule of duel fight he should kill Mansingh but he didn’t. He give his another sword to armless Mansingh. Seeing this kind of heroism Mansingh become impressed and made an accord with him, and accepted Isha Kha as the Independent ruler of Bengal.
Bangladesh’s ancient capital Sonargaon(attested with Panam city) is one of the witness of time. This ancient capital has many beauty. You are welcome to see this beautiful ancient golden city, Sonargaon.

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