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Monday, April 6, 2009

Great Warrior of Sonargaon

The ancient east Bongo’s (East Bengal) capital was Sonargaon (golden city). It’s located near Dhaka, at the bank of Meghna river, of Bangladesh. At the fifteen century, the ruler of Sonargaon was the main of twelve land lords, Isha Kha. He was Independent king of Bengal. Great Mughal emperor Akbar sent an order to Isha Kha to join with him and rule under his(great Akbar) command. but as an independent king he declined to become subordinated and refused to grant that order. Then great Akbar sent his chief general Mansingh from Delhi to occupy Bengal. Great Mughal army were about to face Isha Kha’s army at Sonargaon. Then Isha kha proposed Mansingh not to waste many people life but to have a dual between them (Isha Kha and Mansingh) and the winner of the dual will be treated as the winner of the battle. Mughal general accepted this proposal. In front of thousand soldiers these two hero stood against each other and the fight started. After a long term of fighting, one time by a very dangerous attack of Isha Kha, the sword of Mansingh broke into peace. By the rule of duel fight he should kill Mansingh but he didn’t. He give his another sword to armless Mansingh. Seeing this kind of heroism Mansingh become impressed and made an accord with him, and accepted Isha Kha as the Independent ruler of Bengal.
Bangladesh’s ancient capital Sonargaon(attested with Panam city) is one of the witness of time. This ancient capital has many beauty. You are welcome to see this beautiful ancient golden city, Sonargaon.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar sea beach, the longest sea beach in the world. It’s length is 155 km. It’s located on at the south of Bangladesh. Behind the beach there are green hills and blue sea at the front. Huge wave of the Bay of Bengal tumble down on the shore. Name of most beautiful part of the beach is ‘Inani’. Beside the beach there is a fountain in Himchori surrounded by hills. Here from the rest house on the top of the hill anybody can enjoy the series of the beautiful hill at behind and big blue sea at the front.
One can ride horses and elephants at the ‘Lavony Point’ of the beach. You can have marine drive by the road which goes through hills bottom and beside sea. Also you can enjoy sea wave by traveling through speed boat. Here shops are managed by beautiful tribal girls. In Cox’s Bazar, There are many good hotels, motel, and restaurants. There you can find wild cock and wild bull meat to eat. Also you can find Rupchanda fish, Golda, Bogda and Lobster shrimp and Lakkha(Salmon) fish at cheap rate.
But, the most amazing site of Cox's Bazar sea beach is the sunset. It’s looks like the red sun has been drooped and vanish in the water from west sky. You can’t see the beauty of the world if you don’t come here. So, welcome everybody.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Link Exchange

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bangladesh Banking Sector

Bangladesh is a South Asian beautiful small country. But it is corrupted by many ways of corruption. This corruption is so cursed that it has spread so much in banking sectors, health care, billing system, politics, economic developments, administrative system, Law and justice, society etc. Today we are going to discuss about Bangladesh’s banking sector.

There are two kind of banking systems in Bangladesh. One is government rule and another is non government. Known as public and private bank.In government banking system bank annoys people very much.if you pay a bill in a government bank, after six month you will see that your bill is unpaid. Besides government bank doesn’t have credit/debit card service. On the other hand, private bank has this service with a lot of ATM booth. But they demand a high deposit rate for opening a savings account which you can open cheaply in a government bank.

Today lots of sectors like hospitals, shopping malls including various kind of shops, amusement parks supports credit/debit cards. As it is like money’s alternative, so people can easily handle it and can get money from ATM booth at any time he wants. So government bank must take necessary steps to activate international and local credit/debit card service and to ensure to reach this card to all of bank’s customer.

Micro-credit financial bank such as Grameen Bank, known as poor bank and another many NGO help people by giving micro credit loan to the poor and farmers. From these banks the poor can get benefit and can live a solvent life. But these bank’s interest rate are so high that many people can’t effort the interest level.

After all of these, there are some unknown secret information that can’t be share. But we believe that Bangladesh government will take proper steps to remove corruption from banking sector as well as other sector as soon as possible. We are asking everybody’s help for government attention to this point.


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi and welcome to our scorpionbd site. In this site we are trying to do something new about Bangladesh. We are providing a short history of Bangladesh, Some information about some tourist place of Bangladesh, and some old picture of Bangladesh. Soon we'll try to give you some information about some hotels and motels in Bangladesh. There is a forum for you to making comments and tell us more about your knowledge. We'll try our best to help you as soon as possible. Now with some information we're starting our site. With your help it'll will be enriched.

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. It has a rich history, historical place, beautiful geeen nature, moonsoon weather, enriched culture, cultural activities and a rich language. so welcome and adventure bangladesh. We are trying to put you one step ahead. So, what are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the beauty of bangladesh. Thanks.

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